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Individual Outplacement

It’s proactive and supportive service proposed to companies when job termination is inevitable.


What is individual Outplacement?

It’s a proactive service, regulated by AISO and Labour Authorities, offered to companies when job termination is inevitable. During Outplacement, the company commits to Corium Consultants terminated employees. From that point on Corium assists the candidates with a tailor made service for the predefined period or up to the landing in a new job opportunity and until all the process is fully completed.

Outplacement Stage


1st Stage "Personal and career analysis"

This first stage is crucial in order to identify candidate’s personal and professional features. The candidate improves self-awareness attitude throughout a systematic, fast and intense self-examination. During this stage, the consultant becomes his personal counselor who will guide him into new job opportunities.

2nd Stage "Goals identification and marketing strategy"

Depending on the analysis, the candidate will define his personal and professional goals supported by his counselor. He identifies marketing strategy for his own role, develops means and manages his time. During this training stage, the candidate is also supported by other Corium consultants, who are well skilled in communication, market segmentation and job orientation.

3rd Stage "Search Campaign"

During this stage, the candidate starts his own search strategy, refining his interview skills, database knowledge and “Corium antennas”. Activity achievement is periodically controlled to improve skills. Throughout all stages, Corium updates the company on candidate Outplacement process.

Web branding

Today web reputation is very important to find a new job opportunity. It’s very important to have a personal profile on social networks such as Linkedin, and being very careful to Google results when writing its own name. Corium has developed a specific advanced methodology, to help people to manage and value its own web image.

Entrepreneurial idea

In certain cases, a new job opportunity could mean evaluating entrepreneurial idea. The candidate’s long lasting experience as an employee working for the same company, could be used in different ways. He could decide to become a consultant on a specific market area (i.e. start-up, franchising) or he could take over a company, totally or as a partner.

In these cases, the program is developed throughout a definite model: first of all it’s of primary importance that one’s own business matches with one’s specific characteristics. Progressively, Corium consultant supports the candidate to create a business plan in line with a specific market.

Corium offers interviews with specialists for the evaluation of the appropriate legal forms of business, check of the necessary administrative authorizations, procedures to get the required certifications, funded training career, check of any opportunities for public funding they can access and other basic information for their own business.

Why should you choose Corium?

  • Corium is the leader company for Individual Outplacement.
  • It has successfully cooperated with the major Italian and International companies over more than 25 years.
  • Since January 2013, Corium is part of Openjobmetis, one of the most important Job Agencies in Italy with 120 sites throughout Italy.
  • Corium Senior Consultants are very qualified and highly skilled. Their job experience comes mainly from multinational companies and Human Resources Areas where they refined coaching techniques.
  • It reduces job reallocation timing.
  • It is well organized and flexible: it offers a tailor made service both to companies and candidates.
  • It is authorized to allow outplacement services.
  • It is part of a global team with well-established Partners capable of satisfying multinational specific needs.

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