Individual Outplacement

Professional redeployment support service proposed by companies when the end of job relationship becomes inevitable.


What is individual Outplacement?

It’s a proactive service, regulated by AISO and by the Labour Authorities, offered by companies when the resolution of a relationship with one or more collaborators becomes inevitable. During the individual Outplacement support , the company entrust the outgoing employee to Corium's Consultant, to support him/her and follow thanks to a tailor made service that will lead her to a new professional placement.

The 6 + 6 program formula

Individual Outplacement services have a overall duration of 12 months but thanks to the exclusive Corium Card each candidate can customize his program according to his needs. In fact, after the first 6 months of the program, the candidate can take advantage of an additional Outplacement service of a further 6 months (for a total of 12) to be used over a 3-year period in manner and times that you feel most appropriate, including the possibility of transfer to third parties (children, parents, companions, spouses). During the program, each Candidate with the possession of the Corium card has the possibility to enjoy Coaching sessions to better manage the career transition phase or at the moment of relocation, to quickly adapt to the new job reality.

Phases of Individual Outplacement program


Personal and professional analysis Communication Strategy Search Campaign This first stage is crucial to identify candidate’s personal and professional of the candidate who becomes increasingly aware of his own attitudes, knowledge and skills. Through an analysis of technical and cross-functional skills, the candidate identifies the strengths and the improvement areas, in order to define his professional profile, realistic goals and the possible career development areas. At this stage, the consultant becomes his personal facilitator, assisting him in the redeployment in the labour market even in the case of self-employed and entrepreneurial initiatives..


Based on the goals outlined in the first phase, for each candidate is established a marketing strategy for job applications, through the creation and / or revision of written communication tools, the development of personal branding and web reputation strategies, the enhancement of his mastery of interview techniques in the job interview. During this phase, in addition to the referral consultant, other Corium team specialists, experts in communication, market segmentation and professional orientation, are involved in the candidate's path.


During this stage, the assigned consultant and the job scouting team support the candidate in implementing his own research strategy. Starting by mapping the territory of interest and using national and international data bases, the candidate has the opportunity to identify companies, organizations and referents to which propose their profile. The Candidates also has a lists of selection and recruiting agencies, and head hunting companies for the proactive management of their job applications. At the same time, the job scouting team takes care of proposing its profile to target companies, including those of the Corium network. This kind of activity is also done with Openjobmetis and Seltis’ clients companies that take part of the family corporate.

The results of market-driven activities are constantly monitored to evaluate their effectiveness and possibly reorient the strategy.

During all the three stages of the individual Outplacement program, candidate has the possibility to attend Corium’s workshops in order to deepen some issues of interest and interact with other participants, thus promoting sharing of information, personal experiences and professional goals.

Personal Branding e Web Reputation

Today, found new professional opportunities and develop a quality network means to take care of the Personal or Self Branding and of our Web Reputation.

Whether you like it or not, the labour market perceives us as a Brand: we represent a brand characterized by specific qualities and as such we have, consciously or not, a reputation. Personal Branding is a process made up of many activities, both online and offline, that gives visibility to its distinctive features by tracing a communicative strategy and in fact its own brand. In the 4.0 society, with a strong technological connotation, the activities we carry out through the web and social networks are therefore of utmost importance. Take care of the image we drive and monitor over time, say a lot about us and the reputation we possess and build, but above all contributes to the concrete development of a network of useful contacts and new professional opportunities.

Corium’s methodology focuses on personal branding and web reputation issues, recognizing its strategic character for positioning people in the labour market and returning visibly and acquiring authority.


Changing professional ways can mean, for some candidates, choose the option of self-employment or start a consultancy activity similar to that carried out within the company.

Corium has a team of consultants specialized in entrepreneurship and companies start-ups to help people enhance their abilities, skills and experiences gained within corporate contexts, making them available to start autonomous and entrepreneurial activity.

We support the candidate at all stages of the of the entrepreneurial start-up process, according to a specific scheme: first of all, we verify the coherence between the business idea and the personal features of the candidate, outlining a business plan, verifying and its viability on the referred market.

Corium offers also a support aimed to: elaborate the boarding issues, found the better corporate formulas, identify possible fund raising and procedures to implement and to access them, and to obtain licenses and certifications.

Improve your English: Speaking & Interview

In the current job market, is very important to be competitive and to have a good knowledge of English and to be able to speak it in professional context like during a job interview in English. Corium helps its candidates providing a specialized consultant that support them to become aware and confident of their level of knowledge, improve speaking through individual sessions and interview trainings. Corium’s candidates has the opportunity to improve their English knowledge for free.

To be competitive in the current job market it is important to have a good knowledge of English but above all be able to speak in professional contexts and to support and overtake English speaking colloquia. Corium helps its candidates by providing a specialized consultant who helps them become, improve Speaking through individual training sessions, be ready for Interviews through structured interview simulation. In this way, Corium candidates have the opportunity to improve their knowledge at no cost.


  • GROUP: thanks to the synergy with Openjobmetis we are able to provide our programs throughout Italy.
  • INTERNATIONAL NETWORK: we work with our partner, Arbora, to support candidates interested in a redeployment abroad.
  • CORIUM CARD: thanks to the innovative Corium Card, after the first six months of outplacement program, each candidate can benefit from a further 6 months of assistance within 3 years in the most agreeable way and time, including the possibility of transferring to a third person.
  • COMPETENCE: we can count on a consultant’s team with heterogeneous skills and consolidated experiences both in strategic business roles and in key areas of human resources: Outplacement, Training, Coaching, Counselling, Job Orientation, Research and Selection, Head Hunting, Assessment.
  • TAILORED PATHS: all of our programs are defined together with the candidate, and based on his needs and targets, in order to reduce redeployment times.
  • TEAM: each candidate, in addition to his referring consultant, has the support of the job scouting team for mapping the target market and submit job applications, coaching sessions aimed to the develop of skills to reach specific target.
  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: we assist the candidate in change management and transition phase by providing emotionally-targeted support.
  • VALORIZATION: We carefully evaluate the assignment of each consultant according to seniority, competence areas and candidate needs.
  • CORIUM PORTAL: We provide each candidate with our portal, through which access to hidden job opportunities from our network.
  • DATABASE: We support each candidate in using our database “Avention OneSource” for mapping both national and international target companies and for identifying internal referrals to which they can send job application.

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