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Group Outplacement

It's a proactive service finalized to support people to search a new job opportunity in line with their own career goals.


What is Group Outplacement?

It's a proactive service finalized to support people to search a new job opportunity in line with their own career goals.

Group Outplacement is used when there is a high number of employees involved due to company restructuring and downsizing processes.

Group Outplacement programs are designed on company specific needs in order to optimize employees benefits and company costs.

Company benefits

  • It facilitates negotiation process.
  • It qualifies Trade Unions agreements C.I.G.S and Mobilità.
  • Cheers up company climate.
  • It is positive for internal (not involved employees) and external company image.
  • Speeds up restructuring process.

Employee's benefits

  • It supports employees termination until they find a new career opportunity.
  • It converts stress in positive attitude.
  • It reduces job reallocation timing.

Corium program proposal

Corium is able to modulate a project in line with company programs and timing to achieve goals and all the actions planned. If necessary outplacement coud start before job termination.

If deemed appropriate Corium can organize presentations of its services to Management, Trade Unions and Human Resource Managers. Corium can also support not involved employees through specific programs.

Group Outplacement program stages

Group Outplacement program considers the following stages:

  • Group session training
    It allows employees to know the kind of aid and assistance offered and job market opportunities.
    Some of treated issues: support services provided, job market data, a positive approach to new job opportunities.
  • Individual interview
    It allows each emplyee to analyze his own situation and examine his future opportunities in order to define an action plan.
  • Seminars useful to better focus on job market
    Employees will be trained in groups and they will be able to:
    • identify their skills, talents, needs, strength and weakness areas;
    • define realistic job goals;
    • prepare all useful tools to effectively face job market;
    • plan and manage search campaign.
  • Individual consulting
    The consultant organize Individual meetings planned to test the candidate on every area of the search campaign.
  • Transition Centre
    Throughout the whole stage a transition centre will be set up to carry out the following activities:
    • evaluating job opportunities throughout Corium networking;
    • identifying job positions, updated throughout telemarketing actvity;
    • using database;
    • Group Outplacement results monitoring agreed with the company.

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