Collective Outplacement

Professional redeployment support service, aimed to help a group of workers looking for a new opportunity in line with their aspirations.


What is Collective Outplacement

It is an active support service for redeployment, governed by AISO and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, offered by companies when the large number of people involved is high, due to business restructuring and reorganization.

Requirements for program activation

Outplacement Collective programs are tailored to the specific needs of the client company, with the aim of maximizing the benefits for outgoing workers, while remaining within the company's expected costs. In order to activate the Collective program, there must be a minimum number of workers involved, with simultaneous leaving from the same company workplace.

The Collective Outplacement path phases

Our Outplacement Collective courses are organized in both group and individual meetings:


The first stage of the course is realized through the participation of the candidates in the training classrooms: each candidate has the opportunity to work with the consultant and to deal with the group in order to bring out their personal and professional characteristics, become aware of their attitudes and skills, to define a redeployment strategy and all the tools necessary to achieve it. In each classroom, in addition to theoretical training, are expected exercises and moments of discussion and comparison.

The discussed themes in the classroom are:

  • Change Management
  • Presentation of the current labour market in Italy
  • The analysis of professional skills and personal characteristics
  • Identifying realistic goals and possible career development areas
  • Curriculum vitae and cover letters
  • Redeployment channels and social networks (LinkedIn)
  • Job interview
  • Contract typologies and their compatibility with social dampers


During this phase the consultant, individually follows the candidate to customize his path and facilitate him/her in achieving his specific goal.

Meetings are committed to:

  • Definition of the professional goal and the most appropriate strategies to achieve it
  • Review of written communication tools (curriculum vitae, cover letters, Linkedin profile)
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of activities carried out in relation to the labour market

In order to support the candidates in the search for a new job, the job scouting team is continually proceeding to the census of professional opportunities, by intercepting ads in the visible labour market and pro-activating candidate profiles to companies operating in sector and territory of interest, especially those of the Corium, Openjobmetis and Seltis network. In addition, candidates are supported for the use of national and international databases, in order to identify target companies and their respective referrals.

Undertake a new career path for some people may mean choosing the self-employment option. Corium provides support at all stages of the start-up process, starting from verifying the coherence between the identified initiative and the candidate's own features. We then support him/her in defining the business model, verifying its viability in the referred market.


  • GROUP: thanks to synergy with Openjobmetis Job Agency, present throughout Italy with a network of more than 120 branches, we are able to deliver our courses throughout Italy
  • COMPETENCES: We rely on a team of consultants with heterogeneous skills and proven expertise in both strategic business roles and major areas of human resources: Outplacement, Training, Coaching, Counselling, Work Orientation, Research and Selection, Head Hunting, Assessment.
  • TAILORED PATHS: All our programs are defined in accordance with the candidate, based on his/her needs and goals, in order to reduce redeployment times.
  • TEAM: each candidate, in addition to his referring consultant, has the support of the job scouting team for mapping the target market and submit job applications.
  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: we assist the candidate in change management and transition phase by providing emotionally-targeted support.
  • CORIUM PORTAL: We provide each candidate with our portal, through which access to hidden job opportunities from our network
  • DATABASE: We support each candidate in using our database “Avention OneSource” for mapping both national and international target companies and for identifying internal referrals to which they can send job application.

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