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In Italy Corium is leader in the Outplacement business since 1986. It is a valid aid for thousands of people who want to start a new job opportunity and find definite tailor made roles.


How to change a problem in an opportunity 


Who is Corium?

  • It is the first Company that introduced Outplacement in Italy in 1986. Since its establishment it cooperates with the major Italian and International companies.
  • It’s the leader company for Outplacement due to high quality of services and high percentages of reallocated people.
  • Since January 2013 is part of Openjobmetis, one of the most important Job Agencies with 120 branches throughout Italy.
  • It is authorized by “Labour Authorities” (Ministero del Lavoro e della Previdenza Sociale) to develop outplacement activities.
  • Corium is a founding member of AISO (Italian Outplacement Companies Association) and it has adopted its professional ethical code.
  • It’s a founding member of Arbora (Global Career Partners), International network of independent companies in 23 Nations with more than 100 sites. Arbora International network allows to manage global projects throughout experience exchange and it guarantees a constant professional update.

Corium Activities

Corium provides a wide range of well-framed services to satisfy Human Resources Management specific needs, throughout highly skilled Senior Consultants.

  • Individual Outplacement
    It’s a proactive program referred to employees who go through a company separation.
    Corium takes them in charge until their first year in the new job.
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  • Group Outplacement
    This proactive service guarantees reallocation of groups of employees when a company manages restructuring and organizational changes.
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  • Human Resources Consultancy
    Human Resources expert advice finalised to efficiently manage changing and/or downsizing processes.
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  • Coaching
    It is an individual training that improves personal competencies, unleash the pontential and removes barriers. It supports company "key people" in time of professional growth or new job opportunities.
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Il team Corium

Rosario Rasizza

Since 2008 Cavaliere al Merito of the Italian Republic, Corium Chairman of Board Directors, Openjobmetis S.p.A. Managing Director. Assosomm Chairman of Board of Directors, Italian Associationf of Job Agencies. His Human Resources career experience begins in 1995, in 2001 establishes Openjob, that became Openjobmetis due to the acquisition of Metis SpA. In 2013 has been appointed member of "Comitato Consultivo Territoriale di Milano della Banca Popolare di Vicenza" and Member of "Collegio dei Probiviri dell'associazione Ex Alumni dell'Università Liuc di Castellanza".

Ivano Tognassi

Ivano Tognassi is the CEO of Corium and Public Affairs Manager of Openjobmetis. He attended the department of Economics and his professional experience had consolidated in the Human Resources field. Ivano Tognassi was CEO of In Time S.p.A company from 1993 to 2007, he has also been Vice President of Openjob S.p.A. Board of directors from 2008 to 2011. During his remarkable work experience, he reached the management ability of handling start-up phase of an employment agency achieving balance sheets as best sector performances.

Roberto Manzoni

In 1986 he founded Corium, in 1987 he was a founding Member of AISO (Italian Outplacement Companies Association) and in 1989 he was a founding Member of Arbora - Global Career Partners. Since 2000 he has been certified IBCMC Decano Manager ( International Board for Career Management Certification). His career has developed in marketing and planning areas of plastic industry (Mazzucchelli Group), where he covered top positions that are then expanded to real estate (SNIA BPD) and textile industries (FILA).

Alessio Mondaini

Sales Director of Corium Srl, has developed his career in Human Resource at leading multinational and national groups, by specialising today in those related to career transitions known as “Outplacement”. He increasingly held roles of responsibility starting from Sales & Marketing area to Sales Management, achieving significant results in terms of business development. He has successfully managed the expansion and optimization of commercial networks. The previous history and the depth knowledge of the labor market allow him to develop complex solutions in the field of "Talent Mobility". He holds a degree in Political Science at Sapienza University in Rome.

Michela Mancino

She consolidated her professional career covering commercial roles in Multinational Companies specialized in different sectors; these on-the-job experiences afforded her to improve several commercial techniques as trade marketing, social and digital marketing and one-to-one marketing strategies. In particular in human resources, after being consultant for several years in the sale of services related to the research of qualified personnel, she specialized in career’s transition services. In 2016, as Corium Key Account for North Italy, in addition to managing relations with customers, she is developing new business through the creation of customized solutions.

Sabrina Cenciarelli

Sabrina achieved the American diploma after attending the Walt Whitman High School of Washington D.C. then she got also the Italian diploma at Linguistic High School; she completed her education with the degree at the Interpreters School in Rome. Sabrina has a great experience in multinational corporations managing human resources, sales, marketing and promotional events. She collaborates in Corium since 2013, and has a Business Development role in the Sales Department. Sabrina manages the relationship with the established customers and identifies new business opportunities conducting market analysis based customer needs.

Silvia Peroni

She holds a degree in Labour Psychology from the University Sapienza of Rome. She starts the career in Recruiting Personnel and Assessment Center for customers of different commodities sectors. Hereafter she deals with Training and Outplacement for many human resources consulting company. Joined Corium since 2013 as Delivery Coordinator Senior Consultant, she coordinates the delivery team activities, she deals with outplacement programs (individual or group), the creation and supply of thematic workshop and also about projects of financed training.

Lavinia Bagnasco

Graduated in Modern Letters at the University of Palermo, after completing a Master of Administration and Human Resource Management at a Business School in Rome, she consolidated her professional training in Career Consulting and Training and Outplacement in two of the most leading Companies of this sector. From 2016 as Delivery Consultant in Corium, she deals with the support for individual or collective professional replacement throughout the territory of North and Central Italy, the programs of ‘Orientamento Giovani’, as well as the delivery of thematic workshops, in particularly related to labour reforms and personal branding.

Annadebora Morabito

She holds a degree in Literature from the University Sapienza of Rome. Her professional career path evolved through four Human Resources areas: Outplacement, Coaching, Education, professional Guidance as well as Equal Opportunities and women’s Culture sectors. Her activities are always dedicated to public and private entities, Universities, educational institutes and associations. She has fulfilled large number of publications; she is a member of Asitor, of the Colap Scientific Committee, and of the research group on the organizational flexibility and worklife balance led by Regina Apostolorum. Joined Corium since 2016 as Delivery Senior Consultant, Coach and Trainer she develops paths for medium-high profiles.

Gabriella Chinnici

Graduated in Communication Sciences, after obtaining a master's degree in "Human Resources and Organization" at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, she began her professional career in the field of corporate training, taking the role of tutor in classrooms and collaborating with the organization of training paths. In Corium since 2017, as Outplacement Consultant, she takes care of support routes for professional relocation and career consulting, the provision of thematic workshops as well as scouting activities proposing candidates profiles to companies and recruiting agencies.

Andrea Cattaneo

Graduated at the Milan Polytechnic, he has developed his professional career in multinational companies, gaining significant experience in the marketing and sales area that led him to assume positions of General Manager and EMEA Sales Operations Director. Over the years Andrea Catteneo has consolidated a deep knowledge of dynamics of complex business realities, which he uses to support the relocation of top figures. Recently, he has approached the world of business consulting and start-ups, to broaden his knowledge landscape. In Corium since 2017, he deals with outplacement paths and entrepreneurial development programs for medium-high profiles

Sabrina Tomasicchio

Graduated in Psychology of Work and of Organizations at ‘Carlo Bo’ University of Urbino, she is a member of The Italian Psychological Society in Lombardia, and she took a Master of Certificated Assessors and in Sport Psychology. In addition, she has the expertise to use diagnostic tools for selection, coaching and training purposes. She is experienced in the assessment of consolidated skills and potential ones, in the selection, in career counselling and in outplacement, working for a various range of Human Resources consulting firms. From 2016, as Senior Consultant Psychologist Assessor in Corium, she deals with specific programs from medium to high job profiles.

Monica Stefani

She holds a degree in Psychology of Work and Organizations in Padova, enabled the profession of psychologist with registration to the Veneto Region. She worked for 15 years at the company Consulting Gruppo Vola Srl as Projects Manager in Human Resources area, where she developed and consolidated experience in the selection of qualified personnel, Head Hunting, Orientation, Financial Skills, Staff assessment. From 2014 she’s a freelance. Now she collaborates with Corium for Outplacement individual activities, providing support in guidance and outplacement.

Manuela Bortoluzzi

Manuela is a labour and organization Psychologist, she is enrolled in the Order of Psychologists of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and has obtained the European Psychology Certification named Europsy Psychologist. Within company carrier, she has gained remarkable experience in research and selection of staff; she is currently focusing on human resource performance-oriented courses. She also works as carrier consultant through the provision of individual courses, workshops on active job research, personal branding and entrepreneurship. Manuela collaborates with Corium since 2017 supporting candidates in individuals outplacement programs.

Cinzia Paciarotti

After having administrated a business company for several years, Cinzia has entered in the human resources world developing skills in staff management, organization and business strategies of affiliates of employment agencies. She is responsible for the active work policies, dealing with orientation, active research of work and outplacement. From 2011 is a Coach of ACC ICF and liable for accredited training institution of Marche Region; She handles work orientation, skills balances, staff assessment, human resources motivation, individual courses and active labor market research labs. Cinzia collaborates with Corium since 2017, working in training projects, individual and collective outplacement programs.

Rubinia Vittorelli

Rubinia graduated in Milan attending the department of Economics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and developed her thesis about “Employment Services and Employment Agencies after Jobs Act ". She collaborates in Corium since 2017 as Back Office Assistant and supporting the Delivery team supplying scouting activities and proposing candidates profiles to companies and recruiting agencies. She also supports candidates by the using of national and international databases, and the revision of curricula vitae in Italian and English language. She develops web researches about outplacement issues and human resources news and territorial marketing activities aimed to find opportunities and new trends that builds professionality.

Valeria Tiezzi

After obtaining the professional qualification certificate as Office Operator, Valeria has developed competences in competition field, customer care, credit recovery, congress organizing and professional training, secretarial support for sales and marketing divisions, in Multinationals and national medium sized companies. Valeria collaborates in Corium since 2014, and has the complete responsibility for the secretarial and administrative activities. She supports the Delivery team by organizing workshops and managing the candidates appointments. She is also involved in the administration of the commercial network planning the economical offers and the technical documentation.

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